Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK v2.2.01 (Unlocked/Mod Money)

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Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK

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June 3, 2024


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About Hashiriya Drifter

Hashiriya Drifter is an adrenaline-pumping android racing game developed by Midnight Games SRL, offering gamers an immersive drifting experience unlike any other. With its intense street racing gameplay and stunning graphics, this drift racing simulator has garnered a dedicated following among racing enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Features and Gameplay

In Hashiriya Drifter, players can dive into the world of drift racing, customizing their vehicles, competing in high-stakes street races, and mastering the art of controlled slides. The game offers a realistic driving experience, allowing users to feel the thrill of drifting around sharp corners and competing with other players around the world.

Benefits for Users

Users can benefit from the realistic graphics, diverse range of racing cars, and challenging gameplay that Hashiriya Drifter provides. Additionally, the in-game currency system allows players to earn money to upgrade their vehicles, further enhancing their racing experience.

Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK

The Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK offers an enhanced drifting and street racing experience for gamers on Android. This mod includes unlimited money to fully upgrade and customize your racing cars and vehicle options. It comes with unlocked premium cars and parts, allowing for a superior drift racing gameplay experience. In addition, the graphics have been enhanced for stunning visuals, making the simulator more realistic. No need to deal with additional obb files; this APK offers a seamless download and install process. It’s the perfect racing game for video players who love a blend of technical drifting.

Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK Features

Unlimited Money

  • No need for in-app purchases
  • Buy and upgrade cars easily

Unlocked Cars

  • Access to all cars from the start
  • Experience every street racer car without waiting

Unlimited Customization

  • Modify and tune cars without spending real money
  • Create unique drift racing experiences

Ads-Free Experience

  • No interruptions during gameplay
  • Smoother and more enjoyable racing games experience

Enhanced Graphics

  • Better visuals compared to the standard version
  • More immersive driving game play

Hashiriya Drifter APK Applications

  • Android gamers can download Hashiriya Drifter APK for thrilling drift racing gameplay.
  • This street racing simulator offers high-quality graphics and realistic drifting physics.
  • In this drift racing game, players can customize their vehicles using in-game money.
  • By installing the APK, gamers gain access to various racing cars for drifting in different environments.
  • Hashiriya Drifter APK contains OBB files essential for smooth gameplay.
  • The drift racing simulator is popular among street racing enthusiasts looking for realistic car drifting experiences.
  • Players can compete in drift battles and showcase their skills in this Android racing game.
  • Hashiriya Drifter APK is recommended for those who enjoy intense drifting challenges.
  • For video players interested in racing games, this drift racing APK provides an exciting experience.
  • The APK offers an immersive drifter experience with its realistic car handling and physics.

Hashiriya Drifter APK Features

Hashiriya Drifter is a unique drift racing game that highlights various standout features setting it apart from other racing games. Here are some key features:

Realistic Drifting Physics

Unlike many driving games on the google play store, Hashiriya Drifter offers realistic drifting physics, providing a lifelike driving experience. This feature enhances user immersion, making it feel like you’re truly behind the wheel of a street racer.

Customization Options

The game offers extensive car customization options, which allows you to modify your vehicle’s appearance and performance. This level of personalization is a significant upgrade compared to other drift racing apps and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Multiplayer Mode

Hashiriya Drifter supports an online multiplayer mode, enabling you to race against players from around the world. This feature fosters a competitive environment that adds longevity to the game. Competing against real players rather than AI provides a dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experience.

Free-to-Play Model with In-App Purchases

While the game is free to play, there are in-app purchases available for those who want to enhance their gaming experience. This model makes the game accessible to a broader audience, offering additional customization and premium features to users who wish to invest more.

These features combine to make Hashiriya Drifter a standout app in the racing games category on android devices. I’ve found that its realistic physics and customization options have significantly enhanced my gaming experience compared to other racing titles, while the multiplayer mode keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Tips to Unleash the Full Potential of Hashiriya Drifter:

  • Practice drifting in the training mode to master the controls and mechanics of the game.
  • Customize and upgrade your vehicles to improve performance on the track.
  • Participate in online multiplayer races to test your skills against other gamers.
  • Complete daily challenges and missions to earn extra money and rewards.
  • Utilize different camera angles to enhance your gameplay experience and drift racing skills.

In-App Functionalities

Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK provides a plethora of intoxicating functionalities that propel an unparalleled user experience.

User Interface

The application prides an intuitive user interface. Easy maneuverability couples with visually alluring graphics and sound effects. The controls are superiorly customizable according to individual preferences, delivering a personal touch to the gaming experience.

MOD Features

With the MOD APK version, users relish unrestricted access to resources such as money and diamonds. Advanced levels, sophisticated cars, and upgraded car parts are all at disposal for the user. This feature significantly reduces the wait time for resource accumulation and instantly elevates the gameplay.

Multiplayer Mode

The application comes with a multiplayer mode that allows engagement with players globally, facilitating an engaging community-building spirit. It bestows an excellent opportunity to compete, learn, and grow as a drifter in the vast world of Hashiriya Drifter.


The APK is relatively easy to install and manage, thereby simplifying user interaction. Once the APK is downloaded, allow your device’s unknown sources setting to install it. Post-installation, the application is ready to be played.


The “Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK” offers a thrilling drifting experience for Android gamers. With enhanced gameplay, graphics, and customizations, this modded version of the street racing simulator elevates the excitement of drifting. Players can enjoy a wide array of racing cars, modify their vehicles, and indulge in intense drift racing. The MOD APK provides access to unlimited money, allowing users to upgrade their cars without constraints. Download now to immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of Hashiriya Drifter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK is a modified version of the original drifting game with added features.

You can download Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK from third-party websites, not from the Google Play Store.

Yes, the MOD APK version often includes unlimited money for in-game purchases.

In most cases, you need to download the OBB file separately and place it in the correct directory.


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