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Welcome to DogLife: Your Ultimate Dog Simulator App!

DogLife is a revolutionary Android application developed by “ABI Games Studio” that offers a unique and captivating dog simulation experience. This app allows users to step into the paws of various dog breeds, from loyal Golden Retrievers to playful German Shepherds and energetic Pitbulls.


  • Experience the daily life of a dog through interactive gameplay and realistic scenarios.
  • Customize your pet with different accessories and outfits to enhance your gameplay.
  • Explore different environments and interact with other animals, such as cats and stray dogs.

Benefits for Users:

  • Enhance your understanding of dog behavior and emotions through an engaging simulator.
  • Learn about various dog breeds and their characteristics to help you choose the perfect pet for your lifestyle.
  • Enjoy a fun and educational experience that promotes empathy and care for our canine companions.

Download DogLife now from the Google Play Store and get your virtual pet dog.

Doglife MOD APK

The Doglife MOD APK offers a unique and captivating experience for Android users. In this MOD, you get to live the life of a puppy, pitbull, or even a golden retriever. You can interact with various pets such as cats and other dogs, creating a fun and engaging pet simulator.

The MOD includes an enhanced RPG element, allowing you to explore different scenarios and emotions as a stray dog or a pampered bulldog. You can compete on the leaderboard, and earn in-game money to climb the food chain.

The MOD also offers unlimited in-game currency and removes any Google ads, ensuring a seamless experience. The Doglife MOD APK is a great way to experience the happiness and challenges of a dog’s life.

Doglife MOD APK Features

Unlimited Resources

  • Get unlimited features to improve your pet’s experience, like agility courses, canine treats, and special collars.
  • No waiting time to unlock new dog breeds such as pitbull, beagle, and German shepherd.

All Breeds Unlocked

  • Access to all dog breeds including labrador, bulldog, husky, and golden retriever from the start.
  • Explore unique characteristics and behaviors of different breeds to enhance gameplay.

Ad-Free Experience

  • Enjoy an uninterrupted experience with no ads popping up during your game.
  • Focus more on training your dog in obedience and agility without distractions.

High-Quality Graphics

  • Enhanced visuals for a more realistic experience, making it feel like your dog is right in front of you.
  • Perfect for sharing screenshots on Instagram and Picsart.

Extended Gameplay Features

  • Unlock extended features that allow your dog to interact with street dogs, hunt, and even evade predators.
  • Experience varied environments and situations that keep the game engaging and fun.

Doglife APK Applications

  • Experience the life of a virtual dog with this simulator app
  • Customize your pet with different breeds like golden retriever, pitbull, bulldog, German shepherd, and more
  • Explore various activities such as playing with toys, going on walks, and training your puppy
  • Interact with other virtual cats in the neighborhood or even befriend a stray dog
  • Complete quests to earn money and improve your dog’s food chain
  • Unlock special apps and rpg elements to enhance your dog’s adventures
  • Compete with friends on the leaderboard and showcase your android simulator skills
  • Indulge in emotions as you witness your puppy’s journey from birth to adulthood
  • Gain happiness points by fulfilling your dog’s needs and desires

Doglife APK Features

The Doglife APK offers a range of features designed to enhance the experience of dog lovers and owners. Below are some of the standout features:

1. Pet Information Database

This feature provides comprehensive details about different dog breeds such as pitbull, German shepherd, labrador, and husky. Each breed’s characteristics, exercise needs, and dietary requirements are detailed, enabling users to make informed decisions about their furbaby.

2. Dog Training Modules

The app includes extensive training sessions focused on obedience, agility, and hunting skills, making it easier for both new and experienced owners to train their dogs. The feature is particularly useful for breeds like the beagle and golden retriever, which have specific training needs.

3. Social Media Integration

Users can easily share their pet’s photos and videos on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and even create custom images with PicsArt. This feature aims to build a vibrant community of dog lovers who can share tips, experiences, and moments with their pets.

4. Nearby Pet Stores and Services

The app provides a detailed directory of local pet stores, grooming services, and veterinarians. This is especially helpful for new pet owners who might not be familiar with where to buy pet essentials or seek medical advice.

Compared to other apps, these features are more comprehensive and user-friendly. While other apps may offer pieces of this functionality, Doglife APK integrates them seamlessly, ensuring a smoother user experience. This app has significantly improved my dog’s training routine and social interactions, making pet ownership even more enjoyable.

Tips to Unleash Doglife’s Full Potential:

  • Interact with Different Dog Breeds: Enjoy the diversity and unique characteristics of each breed, from loyal German Shepherds to playful Golden Retrievers.
  • Complete Missions and Challenges: Earn rewards and level up your virtual pet through engaging tasks and activities.
  • Customize Your Dog’s Appearance: Personalize your pup with various accessories and outfits to make them stand out in the game.
  • Explore the World: Visit different locations in the virtual world, such as parks and neighborhoods, to enhance your pet’s experiences.
  • Participate in Online Leaderboards: Compete with other players and showcase your dog’s skills and achievements on the global leaderboard.

In-Game Functionalities

Doglife MOD APK is an innovative app serving to dog lovers around the world. It provides a potent blend of practical features designed to improve user experience.

Intuitive User Interface

Boasting a user-friendly interface, Doglife MOD is simple to navigate. With clear-cut menus and recognizable icons, even beginners will find it easy to use. The streamlined features ensure swift loading of the app and quick accessibility to various in-game features.

Download and Installation

The APK allows for offline installation, skipping the traditional Google Play store route. Users can directly download the APK file and follow the basic on-screen instructions for installation. The process is swift and trouble-free. However, remember to enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

In-App Purchases and Ads

In-app purchases are available to enhance gameplay. However, the MOD version lets you access these premium features for free. Additionally, the MOD APK features an ad-free experience, which is a boon for users who prioritize uninterrupted gameplay.

Unlimited Resources

The Doglife MOD APK offers unlimited resources. Whether it’s coins, dog food, boosters, or any other in-game items, the sky’s the limit. This means endless fun and engagement for users, without any restrictions typically posed by resource limitations.


Experience the thrill of being a virtual dog owner with Doglife MOD APK. Care for your pet, customize their appearance and explore the city in this realistic dog simulator. Earn money, upgrade your pet’s skills, and climb the leaderboard to become the top dog. With various breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bulldogs, and Pitbulls, each with unique traits and emotions, the game offers an immersive RPG experience. Enjoy the feeling of companionship, playfulness, and happiness as you navigate through the food chain, marking your territory and following scents. Download now for an unforgettable dog-life adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions about Doglife MOD APK

Doglife MOD APK offers unlimited money and unlocked premium pets.

Yes, you can select from a wide range of breeds including Golden Retriever and Pitbull.

Yes, even with the MOD APK, you can compete on the global leaderboard.

The MOD APK provides enhanced control over the emotions and happiness levels of your pets.

Yes, the modded version allows managing both dogs and cats.


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